How we work:

Shore Staffing provides employers a thorough assessment on every nurse.  What exactly does this mean:

  • Up to date Resume
  • 2-3 Professional References
  • Skills checklists on self assessment
  • Work experience review
  • Physician approval to work with immunization review
  • Competency assessments (med tests, competencies)
  • Licensure verification


EASY RESUME WRITING TIPS:   ​by Bonnie Mackenzie

​Writing your resume may seem easy for some, but many struggle over how to design and write it.  Here are a few tips on how to write an effective resume.  Take time to make sure your resume is one of a professional.  Here are tips from Bonnie:

  • One page, maybe two.  Your resume should not have so much information that your reader will be bored.  Give just the facts:  where you worked, city, state, dates of employment, title, and what you did.  You can include accommodations and awards.
  • Start with your name/address/phone numbers/email address on the top.  Then add a summary of what type position you are searching for.  Then chronologically list all of your jobs.  In fact, go on line and check out examples of resumes (especially searching for similar to your field of expertise).
  • Regarding chronological order, I feel that you don't need to go back more than 20 years, however, if you had impressive jobs before 1998, put in a section that says:  Previous jobs included...
  • Do not include your photo.  You are not applying for a modeling job.
  • Make sure the font is one of these:  Arial, Times Roman, etc.  And no larger than 12.  Color of font, black.  
  • Use standard margins.  Not narrow.  Make sure your resume will print correctly.  AND my suggestion is to save it as a pdf so no one can change it.
  • Please don't list any personal information like date of birth, information that is confidential, family descriptions, etc.
  • Finally, ask 3 friends who have strong reading skills to read your resume for clarity, accuracy, and flow.  Fix the errors.